Our history


BELLA BALLOU is a Danish brand that offers scarves, bags and other accessories in our own unique design and in high quality.

BELLA BALLOU was founded in 2008. The desire was - and still is - to give more women the opportunity to emphasize their personality. We believe that good style equals personal style, which compliments your personality.

We follow the trends of time and are inspired by encounters with different cultures on our travels around the world. A posting in China early on led to a lifelong fascination with the amazing process of silk; from small, insignificant silkworms to the finest silk by the meter.

We are creative by nature and have worked with design and graphic lines all our life.. We always work with a wide range of our own, unique prints, good materials and strong color combinations in our collections.


At BELLA BALLOU, we strive to improve every day. This is especially true of sustainability. We want to be open and honest about our initiatives, and as a fashion brand, this is also our moral obligation. We have a holistic approach to sustainability and relate to it throughout the design process. From the materials we use in our collections, to how our suppliers operate and what environmental impact our production has. And not least: the conditions for the people we work with.

Our prints are unique, timeless and never go out of fashion. About half of our collection is digitally printed, which is a more sustainable production method compared to traditional screen printing, as only 10 percent ink is used in this process.

Our socks are OEKO-TEX certified, the catalog is Nordic Ecolabelled, and our unique gift boxes are produced in recycled cardboard and printed with soy dyes without chemicals..

Sea freight is 100 percent CO2-neutral, as a tree is planted similar to our CO2prints for each shipment.

We hope in the future to be able to contribute to our beautiful world with many beautiful prints and an even more sustainable imprint.


Pia Grønlund and Tina Steentoft