The story behind:

Some old pictures of a crocheted rug from Grandma's home. This is how Rose Svane's international crochet adventure began. The rug was so fine but could not be found in the shops. What do you do then you get started yourself. And since then she has not looked back.. 

Rose Svane enthusiastically threw herself over yarn and crochet hooks. And the passion grew. A crocheted rug was complemented by trousers consisting of the classic 'Granny Square', colorful bags, skirts, etc. When she started posting pictures of her creations, many followers quickly joined.

The demand first came from girlfriends. So mentioned Cosmopolitan UK one of Rose Svan's bags. And suddenly the American influencer Emma Chamberlain with 12.7 million followers was on the customer list! And when Chamberlain then posted Rose Svane's bag on her Instagram profile:
Rose was overthrown by inquiries. The orders came from Europe, the United States and Asia. And this is where BELLA BALLOU comes into the picture.

For two hands was no longer enough to meet international demand, and therefore we initiated a collaboration where BELLA BALLOU with our many years of experience in textiles and printing can bring Rose's creations to the world.

We are proud of the collaboration with Rose Svane, and her design complements the BELLA BALLOUS universe in the finest way. The products are crocheted by hand, produced only to a limited extent and most often only on the basis of specific orders.
It's slow fashion at its core .. 

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